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General Overview About Heart Attack 

During an attack, the blood provides that usually nourishes the center with atomic number 8 is brought to a halt and therefore the muscular tissue begins to die. Heart attacks — additionally known as cardiac muscle infarctions — are quite common within us. In fact, it’s calculable that one happens each forty-second trusted supply.

Some of those that are having an attack have warning signs, whereas others show no signs. 

Some symptoms that a lot of individuals report are:

  • chest pain
  • upper body pain
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • trouble respiratory

An attack may be a serious medical emergency. get immediate medical attention if you or somebody you recognize is experiencing symptoms that would signal an attack.

Causes of Heart Attack in Male and Female

There are a number of internal organ conditions that may cause heart attacks. one of the foremost common causes is plaque buildup within the arteries (atherosclerosis) that forestalls blood from planning to the center muscle.

Heart attacks may also be caused by blood clots or a torn blood vessels. Less unremarkably, heart failure is caused by a vas spasm.

Symptoms of Heart Attack in Male and Female

Symptoms for heart failure might include:

  • chest pain or discomfort
  • nausea
  • sweating
  • lightheadedness or lightheadedness
  • fatigue

There are more symptoms that may occur throughout a heart failure, and symptoms will take issue between men and girls.

Risk Factors of Heart Attack in Male and Female

A number of things will place you in danger of coronary failure. Some factors you can’t modification, like age and case history. different factors, known as modifiable risk factors, area unit ones you'll modifier.

Risk factors that you just can’t modification include:

Age. If you’re over age sixty-five, your risk for having a coronary failure is larger.
Sex. Men area unit additional in danger than ladies.

Family history. If you've got a case history of cardiovascular disease, high-pressure level, obesity, or polygenic disease, you’re additional in danger.

Race. folks of African descent have a better risk.

Modifiable risk factors that you'll modification include:

  • smoking
  • high steroid alcohol
  • obesity
  • lack of exercise
  • diet and alcohol consumption
  • stress

Diagnosis of Heart Attack in Male and Female

Identification of a coronary failure is formed by a doctor when they perform a physical communication and review your anamnesis. Your doctor can possibly conduct an Associate in Nursing ECG (ECG) to watch your heart’s electrical activity.

They should conjointly take a sample of your blood or perform different tests to check if there’s proof of cardiac muscle injury.

Tests and coverings of Heart Attack in Male and Female

If your doctor diagnoses an attack, they’ll use a spread of tests and coverings, looking at the cause.

Your doctor could order a viscus catheterization. this is often a search that’s inserted into your blood vessels through a soft versatile tube known as tubing. It permits your doctor to look at areas wherever plaque could have designed up. 

Your doctor may inject dye into your arteries through the tubing Associate in Nursingd take an X-ray to check however the blood flows, moreover as read any blockages.

If you’ve had an attack, your doctor could advocate a procedure (surgery or nonsurgical). Procedures will relieve pain and facilitate stop another attack from occurring.

Common procedures include:

Angioplasty. Associate in Nursing surgical operation opens the blocked artery by employing a balloon or by removing the plaque buildup.

Stent. A tube could be a wire mesh tube that’s inserted into the artery to stay it open when surgical operation.

Heart bypass surgery. In bypass surgery, your doctor reroutes the blood around the blockage.
Heart valve surgery. In valve replacement surgery, your leaky valves are replaced to assist the guts pump.

Pacemaker. A pacemaker could be a device established below the skin. It’s designed to assist your heart to maintain a traditional rhythm.

Heart transplant. A transplant is performed in severe cases wherever the guts attack has caused permanent tissue death to most of the guts.

Your doctor may order medications to treat your attack, including:

  • aspirin
  • drugs to interrupt up clots
  • antiplatelet and anticoagulants, additionally called blood thinners
  • painkillers
  • nitroglycerin
  • blood pressure medication

Doctors WHO treat Heart Attack of Male and Female

Since heart attacks are usually surprising, an Associate in Nursing ER doctor is sometimes the primary to treat them. when the person is stable, they’re transferred to a doctor that makes a specialty of the guts, known as a specialist.

Alternative treatments of Heart Attack in Male and Female

Alternative treatments and mode changes will improve your heart health and cut back your risk of an attack. A healthy diet and mode are essential in maintaining a healthy heart.

Complications of Heart Attack in Male and Female

Several complications are related to heart attacks. once an attack happens, it will disrupt your heart’s traditional rhythm, probably stopping it altogether. These abnormal rhythms are called arrhythmias.

When your heart stops obtaining an offer of blood throughout the guts attack, a number of the tissue will die. this will weaken the guts and later cause grievous conditions like heart disease.

Heart attacks may have an effect on your heart valves and cause leaks. the quantity of your time it takes to receive treatment and also the space of injury can confirm the long effects on your heart.

Prevention of Heart Attack in Male and Female

While there are several risk factors that are out of your management, there are still some basic steps you'll desire to keep your heart healthy. Smoking could be a major reason behind cardiovascular disease. 

beginning a smoking surcease program will cut back your risk. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and limiting your alcohol intake are different necessary ways in which to scale back your risk.

If you've got a polygenic disease, make sure to require your medications and check your glucose levels frequently. If you've got a cardiopathy, work closely together with your doctor and take your medication. refer to your doctor if you've got any considerations regarding your risk of an attack.

Not all heart attacks area unit alike

Did you recognize that you simply will have an attack while not feeling any chest pain? failure and cardiopathy don’t show similar signs for everybody, particularly ladies.

The heart may be a muscle that contracts to pump blood throughout the body. An attack (often known as a heart muscle infarction) happens once the center muscle doesn’t get enough blood. Blood carries gas and nutrients to the center muscle. 

once there isn’t enough blood flowing to your cardiac muscle, the affected half will get broken or die. this can be dangerous and typically deadly.

Heart attacks happen suddenly, however they usually result from long-standing cardiopathy. Typically, a waxy plaque builds au courant the walls within your blood vessels that feed the center muscle. typically a piece of the plaque,

 known as a grume, breaks off and prevents blood from passing through the vessel to your cardiac muscle, leading to an attack.

Less usually, one thing like stress, exercise, or atmospheric condition causes the vas to contract or spasm, which decreases the quantity of blood which will get to your cardiac muscle.

There area unit several risk factors that contribute to having an attack, including:

  • age
  • heredity
  • high force per unit area
  • high cholesterin
  • obesity
  • poor diet
  • excessive alcohol consumption (on a daily basis: over one drink per day for ladies and over 2 drinks per day for men)
  • stress
  • physical inactivity

An attack may be a medical emergency. It’s very vital to pay attention to what your body is telling you if you think that you would possibly be having one. It’s higher to hunt emergency medical treatment and be wrong than to not get facilitate once you’re having an attack.

Chest pain, pressure, and discomfort

Most people with heart attacks expertise some kind of pain or discomfort. however, it’s vital to know that chest pains don’t occur in each attack.

Chest pain may be a common sign of an attack. folks have represented this sensation as feeling like an associate degree elephant is standing on their chest.

Some folks don’t describe the pain as pain in any respect. Instead, they will say they felt chest tightness or compressing. typically this discomfort will appear dangerous for a couple of minutes then escape.

 typically the discomfort comes back hours or perhaps days later. These may all be signs your cardiac muscle isn’t obtaining enough gas.

If your expertise chest pains or tightness, you or somebody around you ought to decision 911 forthwith.

Not simply pain
Pain and tightness also can radiate in different areas of the body. the majority associate an attack with

 pain operating its means down the left arm. which will happen, however, pain also can seem in different locations, including:

  • upper abdomen
  • shoulder
  • back
  • neck/throat
  • teeth or jaw

According to the yank Heart Association, ladies tend to report heart attacks that cause pain specifically within the lower abdomen and lower portion of the chest.

The pain might not be targeted within the chest in any respect. It may desire pressure within the chest and pain in different elements of the body. higher back pain is another symptom ladies a lot of usually cite than men.

Sweating day and night

Sweating over usual — particularly if you aren’t exercising or being active — may be an associate degree early take-heed call of heart issues. Pumping blood through clogged arteries takes a lot of effort from your heart, thus your body sweats a lot to do to stay your blood heat down throughout the additional effort. If you expertise in cold sweats or wet skin, then you ought to consult your doctor.

Night sweats also are a typical symptom for ladies experiencing heart troubles. ladies might mistake this symptom for control of climacteric. However, if you get up and your sheets area unit soaked otherwise you cannot sleep because of your sweating, this might be an indication of an attack, particularly in ladies.


Fatigue will be a less usually recognized attack, sign-on ladies. per the yank Heart Association, some ladies might even suppose their attack symptoms are unit flu-like symptoms.

An attack will cause exhaustion because of the additional stress on your heart to do to pump whereas a locality of blood flow is blocked. If you regularly feel tired or exhausted for no reason, it may be an indication that one thing is wrong.

Fatigue and shortness of breath area unit a lot of common in ladies than men and will begin months before an attack. That’s why it’s vital to visualize a doctor as early as doable after you expertise early signs of fatigue.

Shortness of breath

Your respiration and your heart pumping blood effectively area unit terribly closely connected. Your heart pumps blood therefore it will flow into your tissues yet as get chemical elements from your lungs.

 If your heart can’t pump blood well (as is that the case with a heart attack), you'll be able to feel in need of breath.

Shortness of breath will generally be associated with concomitant symptoms to uncommon fatigue in girls. for instance, some girls report they'd get remarkably in need of breath and tired for the activity they were playing.

 planning to the mailbox might leave them exhausted and unable to catch their breath. this could be a typical sign of attack in girls.


Lightheadedness and vertigo will occur with an attack and area unit typically symptoms girls describe. Some girls report they desire they may pass out if they struggle to face up or exert themselves. This sensation is under no circumstances a standard feeling and shouldn’t be unnoticed if you expertise it.

Heart palpitations

Heart palpitations will vary from feeling like your heart is skipping a beat to having changes in cardiac rhythm which will desire your heart is pounding or throbbing. Your heart and body think about a homogenous, steady beat to best move blood throughout your body. If the beat gets out of rhythm, this might be a symptom you’re having a coronary failure.

Heart palpitations thanks to coronary failure will produce a way of unease or anxiety, particularly in girls. Some individuals could describe heart palpitations as a sensation their heart is pounding in their neck, not simply their chest.

Changes in your heart’s rhythm shouldn’t be unheeded, as a result of once the center is systematically out of rhythm, it needs medical intervention to induce into the rhythm.

 If your palpitations square measure among lightheadedness, chest pressure, chest pain, or fainting, they might be confirmation that a coronary failure is going on.

Indigestion, nausea, and expulsion

Often individuals begin experiencing gentle stomach upset and alternative gi issues before a coronary failure. as result of heart attacks typically occur in older folks that usually have additional stomach upset issues, these symptoms will get laid-off as pyrosis or another food-related complication.

If you commonly have AN iron abdomen, stomach upset or pyrosis might be an indication that one thing else goes on.

What you must do throughout a coronary failure

If you think that you're having a coronary failure, you or somebody close ought to decision emergency services straight off. It’s unsafe to drive yourself to the hospital throughout a coronary failure, therefore decision AN car.

 whereas you'll feel awake and alert enough to drive, the pain may get therefore severe that you just could have hassle respiratory or problem thinking clearly.

After your decision emergency services

When you decision emergency services, the dispatcher could raise you concerning the medicines you are taking and your allergies.

 If you don’t presently take a blood diluent and you aren’t allergic to pain pills, the dispatcher could advise you to chew AN pain pill whereas you’re waiting on medical attention. 

If you have got vasodilator tablets, you'll additionally like to use these as directed by your doctor to scale back pain.

If you have got an inventory of medicines you presently take or any info concerning your anamnesis, you'll like to require this info with you. It will speed your medical aid.

At the hospital

When you reach the hospital, you'll be able to expect the emergency medical personnel to require an AN cardiogram (EKG). this can be painless thanks to living your heart’s electrical activity.

If you’re having a coronary failure, AN electrocardiogram is performed to seem for uncommon electrical patterns in your heart. The electrocardiogram will facilitate your doctor to verify if the center muscle is broken |is broken} and what a part of your heart was damaged. 

A doctor will possibly order a blood draw. If you’re having a coronary failure, your body typically releases sure proteins and enzymes as a result of the strain on your heart.

If you’re having coronary failure, your doctor can discuss treatment choices with you. Your risk of severe heart harm is down if you begin treatment at intervals many hours of developing symptoms.

How to stop future heart issues

According to the Centers for illness management and PreventionTrusted supply, AN calculable two hundred,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke square measure preventable.

 notwithstanding you have got risk factors for cardiovascular disease or have already had a coronary failure, there square measure belongings you will do to scale back your risk of getting a coronary failure within the future.

People who have already had a coronary failure ought to check that to require all medications prescribed to them by their doctor.

 If your doctor placed internal organ stents to stay your heart vessels open otherwise you had to possess bypass surgery for your heart, taking the medications your doctor prescribed to you is important to preventing a future coronary failure.

Sometimes if you need surgery for an additional condition, your doctor could advocate stopping some medications you are taking for your heart. AN example could be AN antiplatelet (anticlot) medication like clopidogrel (Plavix), prasugrel (Effient), or ticagrelor (Brilinta). 

invariably confer with the doctor you see for your heart before you stop taking any of your medications. It’s unsafe to shortstop several medications, and stopping short may increase your risk of coronary failure

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